Marine Diesel Generator

Engineered and built in the U.S., the EW-4200-D is the result of over 35 years experience in field installation, service, and customer suggestions.

It is powered by a single cylinder, high power to weight ratio, Farymann Diesel engine. The engine has a roller bearing supported crankshaft and a ball bearing supported camshaft. It meets the Lake Constance II exhaust emission standards. It can be hand crank started in an emergency.

The fresh water cooling system cools the engine cylinder, cylinder head, the Entec West designed oil cooler, and the Entec West designed generator. A fresh water to sea water heat exchanger prevents sea water from contaminating the engine and generator.

The unit does not require any outside air for cooling.

The control system includes an automatic shutdown system for low oil pressure, high engine coolant temperature, and high exhaust manifold temperature (lack of sea water flow).

A special feature includes pre-flooding the engine bearings with lubrication before the engine starts.
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RATING: 4.2 kilowatts A.C.
FUEL CONSUMPTION: .4GPH(1.5L) at 30 amps
VOLTAGE: 120 volts
CURRENT: 35 amps
REMOTE ENGINE CONTROL PANEL: pre-wired control panel with strat/run/stop switch, indicator lamps for oil pressure, water temperature, and exhaust temperature, and running time meter 5" (127mm) x 5" (127mm)
FREQUENCY: 60 Hz(cycles)
EXTENSION CABLE: 30 foot pre-wired cable with plugs to connect remote panel to unit
MOTOR STARTING ABILITY: 16,000 BTU air conditioner, and a second unit rated at 12,000 BTU
ELECTRIC STOP: Entec West designed and built control operates directly on the injection pump delivery system. No fuel starvation valve. No external stop solenoid to get corroded.
COOLING SYSTEM: thermostatically controlled fresh water, closed loop, including engine cylinder, cylinder head, engine oil cooler, and generator
WET MARINE EXHAUST: waste sea water is injected into the exhaust manifold below valve level
HEAT EXCHANGER: U.S. made cupronickle tube bundle with removable end caps for cleaning
EXTERNAL FINISH: white & blue, polyurethane enamel, impervious to sea water environment, diesel fuel, and engine oil. All unpainted hardware is stainless steel
ENGINE COOLANT: the unit is pre-charged with a mixture of fresh water, permanent anti-freeze, and water soluble oil
WEIGHT: 170 lbs.
SAFETY SYSTEM: automatic shutdown for low oil pressure, high engine coolant temperature, and exhaust cooling failure
DIMENSIONS: 13" (330mm) wide x 20" (628mm) long x 18.5" (470mm) high

FARYMANN DIESEL MODEL 18W: 4 cycle, single vertical cylinder
EXCITATION: rotating field, self excited through angularly displaced auxiliary winding
BORE & STROKE: 3.23" x 2.17" (82mm x 55mm)
DISPLACEMENT: 17.7 cubic inches (.29 liters)
BEARING: pre-lubricated, sealed, ball bearing
FUEL INJECTION: direct, no pre-heat system required
INSULATION: class H on rotor, class F on stator
COMBUSTION CHAMBER: cup built into piston for easy starting
COOLING: fresh water cooled, eliminating the need for external cooling air
INJECTION SYSTEM: Bosch injection pump and injector
ENGINE CONNECTION: direct coupled to engine flywheel
FUEL TRANSFER PUMP: camshaft driven mechanical, 72" lift (1.8M) with side mounted priming level
GOVERNOR: crankshaft driven, mechanical centrifugal type

LUBRICATION: engine driven, gear type lube oil pump
SOUND ENCLOSURE: noise reduction to 63 Dba at 1 meter tested by independent lab, 16" (406mm) wide x 231/4" (590mm) long x 20" (508mm) high x 64 lbs. (29 Kg)
OIL COOLER: U.S. made, oil to water heat exchanger to remove excess crankcase heat
SHIP/SHORE PANEL: control panel with ship/shore switch included 5" (127mm) high x 8" (203mm) wide
AIR CLEANER: combination intake silencer and cleaner with a replaceable cleaner element
SHIP/SHORE METERS PANEL: control panel with ship/shore switch, A.C. voltmeter, and A.C. ammeter 8" (203mm) high x 8" (203mm) wide
STARTING SYSTEMS: 12 volt electric motor, and manual handcrank backup with automatic compression restoration
EW-3500D: same as above except rated at 3.5 Kw, 50 Hz, 240 volts
FUEL CONSUMPTION: .4GPH (1.5L) at 30 amps
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