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System Descriptions

After the final test at the factory, the oil is removed from the engine to comply with Federal shipping laws. Therefore, it is necessary to put oil into the engine before attempting to start it.
The crankcase capacity is approximately 1.25 liters (1.33 quarts). The oil Dipstick has two marks on it (3/12). The upper one is the "full" mark and the lower one indicates "add oil." The distance between the two marks is equivalent to approximately 0.18 liters (0.19 quarts). NEVER, NEVER, overfill the engine. The best operating condition will be with the oil level slightly below the "full" mark.
The oil fill cap is located on the top of the gear cover (3/11). There is no oil filter on this engine.
The American Petroleum Institute classifies oil according to application. Within these classifications there are good, better, and outstanding oils for use in small diesel engines. We recommend a product marketed by Chevron Oil Co. called DELO-400. We suggest a multi-viscosity 15W-40 weight for all season use.
Engine Control System
The remote run/stop control for the engine is accomplished through the use of a special high pressure valve. When the valve is energized, it closes and the injection pump is allowed to deliver high pressure fuel to the injector. The engine is further controlled by three switches: water temperature, exhaust temperature, and oil pressure.
Water Temperature Switch. The water temperature switch
(8/47) is located on the cylinder head. It is normally closed and will open when the engine coolant temperature rises to 185 degrees F. It will close again at approximately 160 degrees F.
Exhaust Temperature Switch. The exhaust temperature switch (16/19) is located in the casting wall of the Exhaust Elbow. It is normally closed and will open when the internal temperature of the elbow rises to 185 degrees F. It will close again at approximately 160 degrees F.
Oil Pressure Switch. The oil pressure switch (2/5) is mounted on the left side of the engine, looking at the handcrank end. It is normally open and is set to close at 15 psi. It will open if the oil pressure falls below 12 psi.

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