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System Descriptions

Fresh Water Cooling System
The cooling system is in two parts. The fresh water, closed loop system, and the raw water, open end system. The closed loop system uses a combination of fresh water and anti-freeze for the cooling medium. Beginning at the outlet of the Heat Exchanger (16/1), the coolant flows through the hose (16/17) into the rear, upper left corner of the Generator Housing (14/15).
After circulating through the Generator Housing, it flows from the lower front, right side of the Generator Housing,
through the Oil Cooler (2/8) in the base of the engine, to the input side of the Fresh Water Pump (front pump 15/9).
The pump pushes the coolant across the front of the engine to the Bypass Tee (15/17) connection on the cylinder. A portion of the mixture goes into the cylinder cooling passages, up through the cylinder ports (7/25) and into the cylinder head cooling chamber.

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