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System Descriptions

Fuel System
In a normal installation, fuel is drawn out of the fuel tank through the primary "water/separator fuel filter" by the engine driven, diaphragm type, Fuel Pump (3/50). From the Fuel Pump it goes first through the engine Fuel Filter (11/10), then to the Fuel Injection Pump (3/29).
It is important to know that most of the fuel delivered to the Fuel Injection Pump by the Fuel Pump, is surplus, and is returned to the fuel tank. The Fuel Pump is pumping at a rate of approximately 3.17 gallons per hour. The Fuel Injection Pump will only use 0.4 of a gallon per hour (when the generator is producing 30 amps of electrical power). The high volume of return flow provides a continuous cleaning action of the fuel through the vessel's filter. This will help to keep the fuel in the tank clean.
Water Pumps
The Water Pumps are flexible impeller types. Each pump is complete and independent of the other, except the Raw Water Pump is "piggybacked" onto the Fresh Water Pump. The shaft tang of the Raw Water Pump extends beyond the pump housing and fits into the pump shaft slot of the Fresh Water Pump (21/0).

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