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How to Use this Manual

We congratulate you on your purchase of the Model EW-4200D generator. These operating instructions are based on the most recent state of development, and every possible effort has been taken to exclude errors and omissions.
All those involved in the installation and operation of this unit should read the Installation Instructions and the Operating Instructions carefully, before installing and operating the generator. If any questions remain after reading these documents, we suggest you call the factory for further assistance. 1-800-458-5065
References in parenthesis, as noted in these instructions, refer to the Spare Parts List. The first number indicates the Page number; the second number is the Item or Reference number, i.e.: (2/12), means Page 2 Item 12.

The engine/generator has been thoroughly tested at the factory. All pertinent data including, but not limited to, oil pressure, output voltage, output current, and frequency, have been recorded in our permanent file system. All technical and/or service questions will be answered correctly, when the engine Serial Number is provided (2/0). When contacting us for assistance, please provide the Serial Number of your unit.

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