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Manual Hand Starting

Manual hand starting is similar, but not identical to, Starting the Engine for the First Time.
  1. Follow steps 1 through 8 in Starting the Engine for the First Time.

  3. Put the Off/Run/Start switch in the Run position.

  5. Place the Handcrank in the Camshaft. Position your body to the front of the unit. Grasp the handcrank in your left hand and gently rotate it counterclockwise for two or three turns. This action will pre-lube the bearings.

  7. Now crank energetically to build up inertia in the moving parts of the engine. Each time the handcrank makes one revolution, the compression release will automatically index one step. On the seventh turn the Compression Release will reset itself to normal compression mode. Do not slow down. Your body energy added to the inertia will help you pull through the compression stroke and create ignition. When this happens, the engine will start.
    All three lights on the control panel should be illuminated and will remain so until the engine is stopped by the operator, or the safety system detects a problem (26/0).
    NOTE: Do not be afraid of the Handcrank. It will not backfire. It will automatically disengage itself from the Camshaft. We suggest you try the manual start method for the first time when the engine is warm from running.

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