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Generating A.C. Power

Starting the Engine
Start the engine and let it warm up for two or three minutes. Turn the ship's A.C. load off at the main breaker panel. Now turn the "Ship/Shore" switch to the SHIP or GEN position. Turn on some of the panel breaker switches until the generator is lightly loaded. Give the engine a few minutes to reach operating temperature, then load it to your electrical requirements.
Stopping the Engine
Before stopping the engine, switch off the individual A.C. loads and turn the "Ship/Shore" to the OFF or SHORE position. Let the engine run without load for three to five minutes so it can cool down.
NOTE: If the unit has been operating under heavy load and stopped without a cooling off period, residual heat from the lower end of the engine can migrate upward and trip the Water Temperature Switch. If this happens, the alarm system will prevent re-starting the engine until it has completely cooled down.
Emergency Stop

If the engine cannot be stopped by the remote control system it can be stopped manually with the Throttle Control (5/11). The control arm is located below the Fuel Transfer Pump. Rotate the arm clockwise to the stop and hold it there until the engine comes to a complete stop. Return the arm to the full counterclockwise position after the engine stops.
Caution: This is not a speed control. DO NOT! DO NOT! attempt to adjust this control.

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