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Normal Engine Starting

  1. Place the Off/Run/Start switch on the control panel in the Start position. This feeds +12 volts to the Start Relay (located near the start motor) causing it to energize. The heavy internal contacts of the Start Relay close, and +12 volts is applied to the Start Solenoid on the Start Motor.
    The Start Motor cranks the engine, and two things happen simultaneously: the Oil Pump in the engine starts to pump oil into the galley; and oil flows to the bearings, lubricating them. The oil pressure rises from zero to the operating pressure. At 15 psi the Oil Pressure Switch closes and the +12 volts passes through the switch to the Fuel Control Valve energizing it, and to the oil light causing it to illuminate.
    As soon as the Fuel Control Valve is energized, high pressure fuel is delivered to the injector pipe and thus to the Injector. If the engine is operating normally, it will start in 3 to 7 seconds.

  3. When it starts, quickly release the Start Switch and set it to the Run position. The control panel will show a "green board" (all lights green) and will remain green until the engine is stopped by the operator, or the safety system detects a problem (26/0).
    CAUTION: If the engine has been properly maintained, and all of the external support systems, including raw water feed, fuel feed, battery power, etc., are functioning properly, the engine will normally start within 3 to 7 seconds. If the engine does not start within this time period, STOP and try only one more cranking attempt. DO NOT CONTINUE CRANKING ! ! !

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