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Starting the Engine for the First Time (cont)

  1. Put the Handcrank back into the Camshaft and rotate it counterclockwise. Crank fast enough to develop oil pressure. This will close the Oil Pressure Switch and make the oil light on the control panel come on. When this happens, power is applied to the Fuel Control Valve (6/18) and the Injection Pump is energized. Each time the rotation passes the position for fuel injection, the Injector will make a pronounced squeaking noise as it sprays fuel into the combustion chamber. If you do not hear the squeak, repeat the priming sequence (step 3) and try again.

  3. The next task is to return the engine to the normal compression mode. This will happen automatically when the Compression Release Shaft is rotated to unlock the intake valve.
    NOTE: This automatic feature will not function when the small pin points anywhere between the 9 o'clock and 12 o'clock positions.
    Use the second slot of the tab on the Handcrank to rotate the Compression Release Shaft to a position just past twelve o'clock (once again, the Handcrank will stop against the valve cover). This will program the Compression Release to index one step for each rotation of the camshaft. The Compression Release Shaft will index all the way around to the 9 o'clock position in approximately seven revolutions of the camshaft.
  1. Open the sea cock.

  3. Put the Off/Run/Start switch on the control panel in the Start position. The engine will spin freely until the Camshaft completes the seven turns. On the seventh turn the Compression Release will reset itself to normal compression mode. When this happens, the engine will start. Quickly release the start switch and set it to the Run position.
    All three lights on the control panel should be illuminated and will remain so until the engine is stopped by the operator, or the safety system detects a problem (26/0).

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