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Starting the Engine for the First Time
Read and familiarize yourself with the description of the Engine Control System before attempting to start the engine (see System Descriptions).
Although the engine is shipped with the Injection Pump, high pressure line, Injector, and Fuel Transfer Pump filled with fuel, it is necessary to draw fuel from the vessel's tank to charge the primary filter and transfer pump fuel line. The following procedure will accomplish this and verify the system performance.
  1. Place the Off/Run/Start switch in the Run position.
  2. Place the Handcrank (20/6) into the Camshaft (3/45), located in the center of the Water Pump Drive Pulley. Rotate the crank counterclockwise until you feel hard resistance from the compression stroke.
  3. Find the Fuel Transfer Pump (3/50) on the upper right side of the engine. Pump the Priming Lever for 20 to 30 strokes, in order to supply vessel fuel to the engine. Use the full movement of the lever. Only the last few degrees of motion will actually pump fuel.
  1. Locate the Compression Release Shaft (3/39) above the drive pulley. Note the small pin on the short shaft (the Compression Release Shaft) protruding from the side of the cam follower assembly. The pin should point toward the front of the engine (the 9 o'clock position) to indicate normal compression operation.
  1. Place the Handcrank over the small pin on the Compression Release Shaft. Use the first slot in the tab on the Handcrank (it is the only slot that will fit in the 9 o'clock position). Rotate the pin and shaft to the 10:30 position (the Handcrank handle will stop against the valve cover). This locks the intake valve open and in the decompression mode - the engine will not return to the compression mode.

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