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Special Notes

Safety Stops
The control circuitry for the Safety Stop system is activated immediately on placing the Off/Run/Start switch in the Run position. The low oil pressure switch, on the side of the engine, will not activate until the oil pressure reaches 15 psi. The engine will not start until this pressure switch is closed; therefore, it is impossible to start the engine until the bearings are flooded with oil. This added feature should extend the life of the bearings, as most engine wear occurs when starting a "cold" engine.

Starting the Engine
Watch the Indicator Lights on the Control Panel. If, after all of the green Indicator Lights are on, the engine does not start within 7 to 10 seconds, stop cranking! Engine damage will occur if cranking is continued.


Whenever the engine is cranked, the Raw Water Pump continues to pump water through the raw water system. It is possible with continued cranking, to fill the Exhaust Percolating Muffler, the Exhaust Hose, the Exhaust Manifold, and if the Exhaust Valve is open, the engine combustion chamber. If the raw water is sea water, the damage to the engine can be severe. If this ever happens, corrective action must be taken at once. If the engine will not start within 7 to 10 seconds, stop cranking!
Refer to "Starting the Engine for the First Time," in the Operating Instructions, for complete information.

We have designed and built a generator that we expect will give you top performance. Most of the problems we have observed over the years started with an improper installation. DO NOT GUESS! Call us if you have questions. 1-(800) 458-5065


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