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Fuel Connections
The unit is equipped with a 1/4" hose barb on the fuel transfer pump for fuel "in" (11/8) and a 1/4" hose barb on the injection pump for fuel "return." Although the engine is equipped with a "final" filter, there should be a primary filter/water separator device between the tank and the generator. We recommend a filter that is dedicated to the generator, rather than sharing a filter with the "main" engine. The generator fuel return connection should be directed back to the source tank. Do not draw fuel from one tank and return to another tank. Also, do not return the fuel to the input line. Coast Guard approved hose must be used.

Control Panel
The standard Remote Control Panel is 5" high by 5" wide. It has a 4½" x 4½" bolt pattern for mounting and requires a 4" x 4" hole in the vessel's bulkhead for clearance. Allow for 3" depth behind the panel. If you cut the hole in the bulkhead first, you can use the panel as a template for the mounting hole pattern. The panel has a plug for connection to the 30 foot Extension Cable supplied. The Extension Cable connects to the generator. Cutting and splicing this cable will void the warranty unless specific approval is given by Entec West, Inc.

Engine Oil
There are several very good oils on the market. We have been using a Chevron product for many years and have concluded that it is one of, if not the best, oil for small diesel engines. It is called DELO 400. We recommend a viscosity of 15W-40 for all seasons. Your local supplier can suggest an equivalent to this oil. Perform the first oil change at approximately 50 hours. Thereafter a 75 to 100 hour change interval is adequate.

Sound Enclosure
The sound enclosure comes in four parts; bottom, front, center, and pass-thru panel. The engine/generator will be delivered inside the sound enclosure (if a sound enclosure was ordered). The front and center sections are removable for normal service. The panel which is the "pass through point" for all lines and hoses, can be removed with the engine/generator as an assembly, for ease of installation. This can also ease removal and replacement if major service of the engine or generator is required.



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